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Author Topic: Will it be Johnson vs. Stein in November?  (Read 1193 times)


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Will it be Johnson vs. Stein in November?
« on: 09 Aug 2016, 14:54:04 »
This is just me editorializing about what I will call presidential election trends. It seems that the funny side of the 2016 circus is coming to an end and it is time to do some real thinking. The posts here should help but, in my case, I have read hundreds of other articles that support my ideas. Let's start with a look at the D and R campaigns.

It seems like most Republicans and sane people are not very excited about Trump. Rumors continue that various bigshot Republicans will support the Libertarians. Why? Because the Libertarians look much more like Republicans than the Trumpistas do. Trump is getting no donor money and, with the exception of Bernie, candidates progress by selling their sole for doner money.

If Trump was running against a viable Democrat, he would not have a chance.

Hillary has a shopping list of items against her. While Trump is just crazy, she has so much more on her negative side such as
  • Email scandal
  • Trail of strange deaths
  • Her pro-war baggage
  • Her apparent physical and/or mental problems

Are there more issues? Of course but let's stick with them. In both cases, I think picking a D or R is going to mean the vice presidential candidate will be running things. I don't know about you but they both seem like white male conservative Republicans. Is that what we want?

Now What?

I think the big thing is what happens in the upcoming debates. They are run by the Democratic and Republican parties and officially have an amazing requirement to admit additional candidates. But, even the parties have got to be seeing the problems.

At this point if another candidate -- a sane one -- gets into the debates I think they could actually "replace" a D or R as a viable candidate. The two possibilities are the Libertarians and the Greens. At the moment the Libertarians have about a 3 to 1 lead over the Greens.

If the Republican party would like to see a Republican win in November, it seems that their best chance is to let the Libertarians into the debate. If Hillary doesn't totally melt down, Trump doesn't have a chance. But,  Gary Johnson could. After all, he is a Republican in Libertarian clothes. And he is not crazy. And while he is a politician, his move to the Libertarian party gives him some anti-establishment credibility.

But, what about the Greens? Well, the Republicans will, once again, want Jill Stein in the debates. Stein is going to draw many more votes away from Clinton than anything in the Republican direction -- particularly the Bernie supporters. For the Democrats, it's a calculated risk. Having a 4-way debate will add credibility to other parties. With Johnson polling three times what Stein is, they may want to take the chance that added credibility will better split the Republican vote between Johnson and Trump.

Finally, if no candidate gets over 50% of the electoral college votes, the Senate and House will pick the President and Vice President (who don't have to be from the same party). It is one vote for each state meaning that current legislators will have to reach an agreement. With hardly anyone in the Legislature really supporting Trump, it could get pretty interesting but it will virtually guarantee no Trump presidency.

So, let's stay tuned.


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Re: Will it be Johnson vs. Stein in November?
« Reply #1 on: 10 Aug 2016, 14:51:39 »
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqbDBRWb63s is a video specifically about Hillary's possible medical condition. Notice that this video already has over 2,000,000 views.


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Re: Will it be Johnson vs. Stein in November?
« Reply #2 on: 11 Aug 2016, 13:29:05 »
A bit more on Hillary's medical condition from her staff. http://yournewswire.com/huma-abedin-hillary-is-often-confused-unable-to-think-for-herself/

One of Hillary Clinton’s most senior aides, Huma Abedin, has claimed that the former Secretary of State was often confused and had trouble thinking for herself.

Where is the MSM? Like Hillary or not, if this stuff is true she seems like a very bad choice for the job. And if it isn't true, MSM needs to be showing us that.


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Man Who Leaked Clinton’s Medical Records Found Dead
« Reply #3 on: 13 Aug 2016, 11:22:56 »
More info and one more "strange death". http://yournewswire.com/man-who-leaked-clintons-medical-records-found-dead/

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has issued a report saying that the father of a doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia was found killed this weekend after he leaked information about her deteriorating health to the public.


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Re: Will it be Johnson vs. Stein in November?
« Reply #4 on: 09 Oct 2016, 13:33:42 »
I wrote the initial post in August. It's time for a revision.

I don't think it will be Johnson vs. Stein -- for lots of reasons including the candidates themselves. But, I am even more sure now it won't be Trump vs. Clinton.

Trump Meltdown
I am pretty confident the candidate game has nothing to do with what the voters want. But, at this point, Trump has damaged the GOP. He has said the things that all some many GOPers are thinking but understand that in politics you don't say them.

It has now become the GOP and MSM against Trump. He will go down. The party will have to pick but it seems likely Pence as he now has visibility and has all the white male Republican characteristics that political hacks will vote for and Trump wackos will accept as as good as they can do.

What About Hillary?

My opinion is that she will be in serious trouble. Pence is a perfectly good Hawk to vote for with all so much less baggage than Hillary. With the Trump scandles out of the way we will have all Hillary scandles. And there are so many. Then add in Hillary's health and all the things Assange is threatening to release.

I don't know what the Democrats can do at this point. Bernie voters are generally pissed off. I see no candidate the Dems can put into the game to get votes from real Progressives and the Hawks will go for Pence.

This coming month should be interesting.

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